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Game Plan Pinball

Attila the Hun

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John Trudeau
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The Attila the Hun below is owned by Dale Smola from Lemont, Illinois. His collection of pinball machines consist of the Game Plan Attila the Hun, a pair of 70's Gottleib EM's, and a couple of 70's Pachinko's.

Dale's Story about his Attila the Hun

Here's what I can tell you about my Attila the Hun. Serial number 4860.

I picked it up at Pinball Expo 2002. I'm told it spent the last 8 years in a private home, and was part of a group of 4 machines, and supposedly the only one still working. The owner was moving, and didn't have room for them. Prior to that, it spent some time on a route as evidenced by the adhesive remains of an amusement tax sticker on the top arch, and the holes drilled in the front for a lockdown bar.

The backglass is a 10. Absolutely perfect! The playfield is about a 8.5 to 9. There is some stress cracking just starting in the yellow. The cabinet is about a 7.5. The usual nicks and scratches. It came with a coin box, and coin door lock and key. The backglass lock is missing, as is the locking mechanism. No documentation came with, but most of the score cards were in the coin box, along with a spare flipper coil. Surprisingly, there is no corrosion on the MPU. It played well on the floor. So home it came.

Spruce up work:
Once I got it home, I had the time to give it a good going over. New rubbers, bulb replacement, socket, playfield, chrome and plastic cleaning. I put some carriage bolts in the lockdown bar holes, mostly as a cosmetic cover. Once I got my Game Plan manual from your web site (, I was able to work with the accounting functions. The accounting switch on the coin door was shot and was replaced. The drop target stickers were a mess. Not being able to find replacements, I made my own. Took the best of the 6, scanned it, ran it into a paint program, cleaned it up, then printed the image to self adhesive laminating mylar. Cut them out and put them on. While obviously not as durable as the originals, with the pattern on file, I can make up a new set whenever these wear out! There were some adjustments needed on the 10 point leaf switches. One was stuck closed, the others gapped so wide they never closed. The lamp driver board has 2 SCR's burned out. I have a spare Lamp driver board, but it also has a couple SCR shot. Fortunately, I have a coworker who used to work for Stern years ago, and will do the repair for me.

I was fortunate, as the machine was in good shape when I got it. I just had to do a few little things to get it playing 100%.

This was my first experience with an SS machine, my other 2 are EM's, which have different challenges to work on.