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Super Nova

Rules of Play & Scoring

Taken from Game Plan Pinball Machines, A Complete Owner's Manual with Model Specifics Supplement for Super Nova

The S-U-P-E-R and N-O-V-A rollovers advance score 1000 pts. and increment lit bonus (liberal), or simply advance score 100 pts. (conservative) for the first time scored. They advance score 100 PTS. for each additional time scored on current ball. Scoring S-U-P-E-R or N-O-V-A (liberal) or S-U-P-E-R and N-O-V-A (conservative) advances bonus multiplier.

Active bonus is selected by arrows at bottom of playfield. The lit arrow points to active bonus and lit arrow alternates when 10 PT. switch or slingshot is activated. 1000 and spin lab targets score 1000 PTS. and cause the Space Lab to spin for a random time. The feature showing at the end of the Space Lab spin has its corresponding playfield feature lit. These features are EXTRA, SPECIAL, 50,000, COMET 500, URSA X3, and ORION X3.

Comet 500 causes the spinner lane to score 500 points per spin instead of the normal 100 points. The spinner always advances the lit bonus once per spin. URSA X3 and ORION X3 score triple bonus when collected from the URSA and ORION kickout holes. The center stand-up target scores 5,000 PTS., 50,000 PTS. when lit, or Special when lit. Scoring Special from center stand-up target causes Space Lab to spin. Scoring 50,000 from center target causes Space Lab to spin (conservative) or not to spin (liberal). The URSA and ORION kickout holes score 500 PTS., collect their respective bonus, and then either restore the bonus (liberal) or cancel the bonus (conservative). Scoring S-U-P-E-R and N-O-V-A after 5X multiplier is achieved gives 50,000 PTS.

The top and bottom thumper score 100 PTS. or 1000 PTS. when lit. The center thumper scores 100 PTS. or 5,000 PTS. when lit. The top thumper is lit by scoring S-U-P-E-R. The bottom thumper is lit by scoring N-O-V-A. The center thumper is lit by advancing bonus to X 3. The lower inside lanes score 1000 PTS. and advance the lit bonus, the lower out lanes score 5,000 PTS.

Liberal or conservative game play is controlled by MPU set up switches 7, 13, 14 and 15.

Exceeding high score to date awards credits, if optioned, at the end of the game and the displayed high score to date is automatically updated.

Tilting the game results in loss of current ball and the flippers and all playfield features go dead. Slamming the machine results in loss of the game, and the game goes into a delay mode for approximately 15 seconds. The kickouts are always active except during this delay. If a ball falls in either kickout hole during the slam delay it will be kicked out immediately after the delay.

At the end of the game, the game over tune plays and the match number shows in the ball play display if optioned. The game goes into a game over delay for approximately 5 seconds and then alternately flashing last game score and high score to date on the displays.