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Rules of Play & Scoring

Taken from Game Plan Pinball Machines, A Complete Owner's Manual with Model Specifics Supplement for Cocktail Model #110

The rollovers at the top left and top right of the playfield increment score by 1000 points. The other three rollovers increment the score by 1000 points, advance the bonus by l000 points, and change the 1000 when lit in the spinner lanes. The spinners score 100 or 1000 when lit. The left and right thumpers score 100 points. The left and right slingshots and lower targets score 10 points. The four 1000 and advance bonus lanes increment score by 1000 points and advance the bonus by 1000. The extra when lit advances the bonus by 1000 and lights same player shoots again when lit. The special when lit advances the bonus by 1000 and lights same player shoots again when lit. The special when lit advances the bonus by 1000 and gives a Special when lit.

The A,B, a C 500 and spin holes cause the chuck-a-luck to spin and score to be incremented by 500 points. When the chuck-a-luck stops spinning the player is awarded the feature that it is pointing to and the ball is kicked out of the hole. Lighting A and B and C on the same ball lights the special lane. All bonus for current ball is collected when the ball falls in the out hole. When an extra ball is awarded it is played immediately following the ball that won it.

Exceeding high score to date awards credits, if optioned, at the end of the game and the displayed high score to date is automatically updated.

Tilting the game results in loss of current hall and the flippers and all playfield features go dead. Slamming the machine results in loss of the game, and the game goes into a delay mode for approximately 15 seconds. The A,B, & C kickouts are always active except during this delay. If a ball falls in the A,B, or C hole during the slam delay it will be kicked out immediately after the delay.

At the end of the game, the game over tune plays and the match number shows in the hall in play / number of players display if optioned. The game goes into a game over delay for approximately 5 seconds and then begins alternately flashing last game score and high score to date on the displays.