Game Plan Pinball
Game Plan Pinball

Lochness Monster

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Joe Kaminkow, Ed Cebula
Seamus McLaughlin
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Loch-Ness Monster is Game Plan's most famous pinball machine. Only one was produced with some extra backglasses and plastics made for a short production run. This was to be Game Plan's finest machine ever made with a moving three-dimensional model of the monster located underneath the playfield viewable through a blue window in the center. This was also the only Game Plan machine to feature a ramp. Unfortunately, as this machine would have been an enormous success, Game Plan closed it's doors for good before its release in 1985.

In February 2023, Dan Wilton emailed me and said..
"I got to work on Loch Ness Monster when Fabulous Fantasies got it in. The game, in OEM condition, came with full white rubber rings.. He had the rubber rings replaced to black. Just to let you know. The game is slowly deteriorating. The top rollover lane lenses are now almost completely bare of the font artwork. One set of plastics is broken.. This is just info for posterity."
I responded back:
"Dan, that is more valuable than you think.. With your OK, I want to add your info to the web site.. Also, I have a ?? on the game. It has one of the MSU sound cards, but I do not know which one. MSU-1, MSU-2, or MSU-3??"
He responded back:
"The sound board on Gameplan's Loch Ness Monster is a proto bread board. It is the only Gameplan with speech. A pinsider game me his full documentation of the game when he had it. The pictures show the center plastic intact before the breakage happened, but the top inserts show the start of the fonts deteriorations. The sound board is made of two pieces spliced together. The top half is "L" shaped and is made from an existing MSU board. which version? I do not know. The main bottom board is a wirewrap bread board..The bottom board has the main CPU..Eproms etc..The monster toy is on the same line as the flipper relay..So when game starts the toy is turning under the playfield... Bright flashers go off to illuminate the figure. The upper left locking system, through the spinner is like that of F2K just mirrored imaged. The setup is a bit like Data East Playboy, Robocop pinballs."
There is your trivia question.. the only Gameplan game to have speech was Loch Ness.
Thanks Dan!!