Game Plan Pinball

Attila the Hun

Rules of Play & Scoring

Taken from Game Plan Pinball Machines, A Complete Owner's Manual with Model Specifics Supplement for Attila the Hun

The H-U-N lanes score l,000 pts. or 2,000 pts. when flashing and light the associated bonus lamp and lane lamp. All three made increases bonus multiplier (twice maximum). Lit lane and bonus lamps are carried over to next balls. Three times through all the H-U-N lanes lights the special lamp.

The T-H-E captive balls have the same function as the above lanes.

The A-T-T-I-L-A targets score 1,000 pts. and light the associated target and bonus lamps. All A-T-T or I-L-A down lights a thumper bumper 1,000 when lit lamp. Each time all down lights one lamp from bottom to top bumper.

The loop lane rollover scores 10, 20, or 30,000 points depending on lit lamp.

The spinner lane scores 1000 points for each revolution.

The special/extra lane scores 25,000 points extra ball, or special depending on lit lamp.

The extra outlane scores 1,000 points or extra ball when lit.

The special outlane scores 1,000 points or special when lit.

All bonus for current ball is collected when the ball falls in the outho1e. Completely lit horizontal lanes score 25,000 pts. times the bonus multiplier. Completely lit vertical lines score 50,000 pts. times multiplier. Lines are carried over to the next ball for ”additional bonus” after present ball bonus collect. In between balls, the lamps return to the game over pattern.

The extra ball lamp lights when all bonus target lamps are lit along with all H-U-N or T-H-E. Maximum of two extra balls per game.

Exceeding high score to date awards credits, if optioned, at the end of the game and the displayed high score to date is automatically updated.

Tilting the game results in loss of current ball and the flippers and all playfield features go dead. Slamming the machine results in loss of the game and the game goes into a delay mode for approximately 15 seconds.

At the end of the game, the game over sound plays and the match number shows in the ball play display if optioned. The game goes into a game over delay for approximately 5 seconds and then begins alternately flashing last game score and high score to date on the displays.