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Game Plan Pinball
A Complete
Owner's Manual
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Welcome to the first and foremost Web site that is dedicated to Game Plan Pinball machines! This site is an accumulation of many hours of searching the Internet for info on Game Plan and first hand experience with Game Plan pinball machines. Little bits and pieces of information gathered here and there are brought together to bring you the most knowledge you'll ever see in one place about Game Plan pins. Now, collectors of Game Plan pinball machines have a place to share information. Contrary to what many repair and supply companies have told me, most parts for these machines are available or repairable. So dig in and take a look around! Tell us what you think and post a message on our forums. Thanks for stopping by!

Game Plan Pinball Owner's Manual
Game Plan Pinball Machines
A Complete
Owner's Manual

A book written by Brady Miller, the founder of this site. This book includes a complete repair and diagnostic routines for your Game Plan pinball machine, plus many diagrams, schematics, and valuable information.
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Reviewed by GameRoom Magazine
Our book was reviewed in the July, 2001 issue of GameRoom Magazine.

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If you have general Game Plan questions or repair questions, post them on the message boards. Thanks!

Disclaimer: This site is by no means affiliated with any pinball manufacturer, or anybody who was employed by Game Plan (the game manufacturer) at anytime. Game Plan (the game manufacturer) has long been out of business. This site is to facilitate information on a dying breed of pinball machines that has almost been forgotten. Any use of Game Plan is referring to the video game and pinball manufacturer at all times.