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Chris here.. I have big news!
In August 2022, I bought this web site from the previous owner,
who did a great job of keeping Game Plan information available and easy to find.
My goal is to add more history and repair information to the site, and take it to the next level.

There are new replacement products for your Game Plan machine,
which you can find on my other web site

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Welcome to the first and foremost Web site that is dedicated to Game Plan Pinball machines! This site is an accumulation of many hours of searching the Internet for info on Game Plan and first hand experience with Game Plan pinball machines. Little bits and pieces of information gathered here and there are brought together to bring you the most knowledge you'll ever see in one place about Game Plan pins. Now, collectors of Game Plan pinball machines have a place to share information. Contrary to what many repair and supply companies have told me, parts for these machines are available. So dig in and take a look around! Thanks for stopping by!

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Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with any pinball manufacturer.
This site is to facilitate information on a dying breed of pinball machines that has almost been forgotten.
Any use of the name "Game Plan" is referring to the video game and pinball manufacturer.